Gospel Library 3.0




Mobile App




Gospel Library is an app designed for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It allows users to access an entire library of content, from scriptures, to magazines, to lesson manuals, and talks by church leaders. v3.0 was a major overhaul of the existing app and designed for iOS 6 right before the change to iOS 7's new flat aesthetic.

Main Content Page

Gospel Library significantly upped the quality of the typography and overall presentation of content over the old version.

Content Library

You could browse available titles in a beautiful grid showcasing the various artwork of the magazines and books.


Rather than simply bookmarking a particular page or chapter we added the ability to bookmark at the verse or paragraph level by simply dragging the bookmark to the desired location.

Display Settings

There were several different options available to customize the content.

Related Content - iPad Ladscape

When reading scriptures we needed a place to show all of the related footnotes. n the iPad in landscape we had enough room to show the content and footnotes (or other related content) side by side.

Related Content - iPad Portrait

in Portrait mode the related content overlapped the main content. This allowed it to be accessible, but didn't cause the reader to lose their place.

Related Content - iPhone

On the iPhone the related content are was changed to be a rawer that opened from the bottom. The user could resize to show as much or as little as they needed.


You could search the library for words or phrases. Search phrases are saved so that the user can come back and continue looking for something at a later time if needed. Unviewed results were shown with a blue background so the user could remember which options they had already searched.