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The Ancestry app was refreshed and redesigned as part the launch of iOS 7 and has been featured by Apple several times including at the launch of iOS 7 and iOS 8.

App Navigation Model

Initially, the Ancestry app used a hamburger menu for it's main navigation. I designed this version of the app using a standard tab bar. Th result was a dramatic increase in usage of the other sections of the app that had been hidden.

App Navigation - iPad

Here is the updated navigation model on the iPad.

iPad with Person Panel Open

The Timeline feature shows not only events that happened in an ancestor's life but also historical events that an ancestor may have experienced and prompts to search for events that may be missing from the timeline.

All Hints View

I designed this new section of the app that serves as a collection of all of the "hints" that ave been generated on a users tree. The goal was to give the user a way to browse through their hints in a more engaging way without needing to find a person on the tree first. The hints are sorted by "Best" meaning that the ones that are most likely to be correct and for direct ancestors are at the top.

All Hints View - iPad

On the iPad we could change the layout by varying the the of the cards and adding a lot dynamism to the feature.

Hint Detail

When the user taps on a a hint card they are taken to this screen which shows details about what information is contained in the record and compares that info to what they already have in their tree. This redesign allowed the comparison to happen in a much more natural fashion by setting the data side by side rather than stacked like it was previously.

Tree Editing Shortcuts

This radial menu pops up when you long-press on a person in your tree. It gives you quick access to editing a person, seeing the tree with them at the center, or adding a relative to that person.

Add Relative Shortcut

When you select the Add Relative shortcut you get this UI that allows you to select which type of native you are adding to the person. If the person has no father or mother in the tree yet, then those options are available above the person as well.